Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Strength of Change!

It funny how things in life shape the way we turn out as person. Someone once told me that they had changed, and to be honest I had seen them change in front of my eyes. But it was something that they had said that is engraved into my mind. They said that “when someone changes its really scary” I don’t think that I understood it at that moment they had told me it.

When you change you almost have to let go of the past, and that’s scary. To leave everything you know, to change your personality, actions, whether that is for the better or for worse, it is scary. Sometimes it’s scary for the people around you, because it means that the way you interact changes. Everything that once was changes and the past is left in the past. 

The real reason why we’re so scared of change is because of acceptance. The truth is as much as we’d all like to deny it, we want to be accepted by people... the society around us. And trust me I've been there, I've been to place where I was so confused because I’d changed so much that I’d almost look in the mirror and say “is this me?”.  The truth is that I was actually happy with my change but the people around me didn't like it, some of my friends didn't like it. Alhamdulillah I’m so blessed to have such amazing people around me, like my mum who told me a quote “If you know yourself you’ll not be harmed by what is said by you”. I have to say that made me think, if I’m happy with myself, why should I care what others think. You shouldn't have to make yourself miserable to make people accept you. Anyway we all know that the truth is if someone really cares about you they wil be there by your side no matter what. 

Remember when I had once said in one of my posts that I wanted to be "less afraid of change" and that exactly what i'm planning to do inshaAllah...don't let the fear of change stop you from being the person you believe you can be. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Al-Madina Hijabs: Arm socks review

Asalamulakum, Today's post is actually going to be more a review post, so sorry to ya'll who come here to read my more "lengthier" posts. But actually...I guess this post kinda discusses the issue of modesty when dressing. For me personally I actually wear the Abaya 90% of the time (and occasionally wear maxi skirts/ dresses), and for those of you who wear the Abaya you will know there are two problems with it (or maybe that's just me.) 

My first problem is actually a problem that I've already solved; When the weather is sunnier the light from the sun hits your abaya and makes it see-through hence you'd be able to see the shape of your legs. My friends know that i'm notorious for wearing a petticoat under my Abaya and I've honestly come to the point where I won't step out the house if i'm not wearing it.(obsession maybe) Basically for those of you who don't know a petticoat is like an opaque skirt you wear under dresses. So yh problem numero uno solved.

The next problem I have is that the sleeves of abaya's are generally larger to enable you to pull them up to wudu (ablution) but this also means that whenever I lift my arm up my sleeves fall and hence my arms become exposed because the sleeves are so large. This is why I decided to invest in arm-sleeves aka arm-socks. I was actually on a mission to find some here in the UK because I know that in places like Malaysia (Asalamulakum to all my Malaysian readers) it is quite common to find them. However here in the UK it's actually a nightmare to find any, and when you do find them in larger Islamic retailers they cost something ridiculous like £4.99 a pair and only stock them in black and white.  

Alhamdulliah I was blessed to meet the lovely sister who owns the hijab store Al-Madina Hijabs, so i decided to ask her whether she stocked any arm socks since i'd been looking for them for a long time. Alhamdulliah she did, so she sent me a picture of the colours and MashaAllah she stocks them in about 16 colours and I honestly had a hard time deciding how many I wanted. Obviously I had to restrain myself from getting too much but honestly they are really cheap, retailing at £2 each, it was really tempting to buy more. Since I met Romina at a meet up, I can't actually tell you much about delivery. However if you look on her website there are reviews from many bloggers and youtubers, so I guess they'd probably know more about that.

I decided to buy them in three colours; Dark green, Dusty pink and light pink. The material is like a Lycra stretchy material, which means it perfect for any size arm. For those working in medical professions where you have to wear scrubs that are short sleeves this is perfect. They are actually a lot looser then other arm socks, I personally think this is a lot better because for people like my mum who have blood pressure it won't be too tight. To be honest I could probably list a lot of reasons why arm socks are useful in general but i'd try not to bore you with that!

Overall I'd say that her arm socks are very useful mashaAllah and I really love them. For those of you looking to buy them, i'd defiantly recommend her store. Unfortunately she doesn't have them on her website but if you email her, I'm sure she'd be happy to sell them to you. So yh...make sure you follow the sister on Facebook and check out her website because she does sell some beautiful and unique hijabs.

JazakaAllah for reading this review and I hope it was helpful for you! See you in the next post inshaAllah!